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APICS Helps Tackle Skill and Gender Gap in Manufacturing Industry
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APICS Announces Early Registration Deadline for APICS 2016 Conference
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Leadership Experts from SAP and CNN Announced as Keynote Speakers for APICS 2016
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APICS Announces Enhanced Corporate Offering at Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference 2016
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FY16-17 Board of Directors Nominations  

President, Anna Watson
Executive Vice President, Open
Treasurer, Gregg Geschwindt
VP Education, Dave Jankowski
Secretary, Patricia Antisdel
VP Programs, Alan Severance
VP Publicity, Stephen Hoffert
VP Membership, Lee Behler
Webmaster, Open 

APICS Schuylkill Valley is always welcoming to members who may be interested in joining our Board of Directors. There are several positions available as well as committee members needed for various activities. If interested please contact Anna Watson, awatson@cartech.com.